A wonderful programme of workshops for Three Score over the last couple of weeks, starting with a full on session with dancer and choreographer Jose Agudo, best known for his work with Akram Khan Company. After a fast-paced warm up, Jose taught us  a couple of sequences based on his extensive understanding and feel for Indian dance. He was insightful in his comments on working with older dancers:

 “Not many young people know about stillness, they don’t know how to stand but the older you get, you start to realise the importance of stillness” 

“the beauty is, your body is more defined. It’s easier to read from outside. And it’s very beautiful”

‘Each movement is separate from each other, it’s very clear. Each movement you give is like you give everything to each movement.’

We hope Jose will return to make a piece with us in the future.

Last Saturday we hosted a workshop and sharing with with a like-minded company from London, Counterpoint Dance. One of Counterpoint’s goals is to challenge the perception of older individuals in contemporary dance – much like our own! Collaborations like these are important to our promotion of the involvement of the over 60s in contemporary dance.

And last but not least another wonderful workshop with BalletBoyz on the Brighton Dome stage. Workshop leader Ed Pearce was positive about our approach – “You’re much more open,  and willing to do anything that we throw at you”. Ed and his colleagues have a very easy open manner which encourages a big response from us. The narrative and emotional dimensions of their approach chimes well with us as older dancers, even if we may fall down, so to speak, at the physical level. As Company member Julian put it “It was really well paced in terms of stretching our creativity without stretching our memory too much!’ Having been given some insight into the movements and their motivation, there was an added frisson in watching the BalletBoyz perform later. 

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